Founded by Chef Patrick Owens in June 2017, Wood & Grain brings a unique culinary concept, marrying wood-fired cooking with the finest seafood. This modern and inviting eatery, centered around open hearth cooking, offers hand-crafted wood fired pizzas and sophisticated seafood dishes. We pride ourselves on using the finest seasonal bounty from regional farms and purveyors. Our selection of just the freshest seafood, much of it from local waters, pairs nicely with the clean and delicate notes in our salad and vegetable dishes. We use simple Lowcountry products but give them a unique global twist to create an unexpected combination of flavors.

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The modern and welcoming restaurant interior, full of textures and woods, was designed by Amy Trowman Design. The space features a lively bar area with special seating at the raw bar. The state of the art wood fired brick oven fills the room and allows for the guests to take advantage of the energy in the open kitchen. Warm cherry wood dominates the space. Chef Owens embraced the open kitchen concept and combined it with high ceiling, industrial-inspired light fixtures and community tables to achieve an immersive and more casual feel. The restaurant features artwork created by artist John Duckworth.

“Chef Patrick Owens has been doing his own thing in Mount Pleasant for years—head down, spreading red sauce on a pie or wiping plates at expo at one of his other restaurants on the daily; not so much in the spotlight as spotlighting the local bounty, which is the Charleston ethos. The flavor combinations, the balance, and the execution of his dishes are consistently excellent, be them atop a disc of dough, baked into the oysters, or on a salad.”

- Stephanie Burt, Condé Nast Traveler


Bi-Lo Shopping Center
778 South Shelmore
Blvd. 102
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

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No Reservations
Open Daily at 5pm


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